Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

I was going to update my blog earlier but at that time i had no suitable time as i'm very busy working on stuffs after i finished my SPM examination. There's a lot to do in a shorts of time. I would like to tell you guys what i'm doing in that mean time, i was actually working with my mom. I really am exhausted until i had no time to do this-and-that. Everytime i finished my work i will go home and clean-up myself then i will rest on my bed till i fall asleep. That's my overall routine for the past 5 months. As the big day approaching me (results-day-out) i got really nervous! I said to myself that i will accept anything that had been fated for me. I know i have done my very best to do the very best. There you go the day is coming!!!!!

4.3.2016- on 11 a.m, my father sent me and a good friends of mine, naddy to our school. We get out from the car and freaking like you know when we're nervous we'll got that butterfly feelings in our stomach. We were walking and enter the hall to take our results. I am really nervous. I saw my former class' teacher and my ICT's teacher, i saw them and i just look at them. My former ICT's teacher hint me something about my result. I am really nervous that i couldn't really believe or not to believe my teacher. Then, it's my turn to receive the results and both of them look at me with a big smile. I really can't believe that i could get that much of results. I am really thankful, alhamdulillah... i did my really best and i get what i'd targeted. I go back home and planning to act a lil bit, i did my sad face and i show my parents what i got. They really look nervous, but after looking at my results they smiles widely. After that day, i feel like those ppl are giving hopes to me so that i'll do well in the future afterwards. I'm very happy looking at my parents. I feel that those are the best moment in my life.. i never make my parents as proud as they were today. Eventhough i didn't get straight A's, they still feel proud of their daughter. I'm touched ... really, before this i always make trouble. This time i'd prove to them that i can do better.

anyway mom, dad.... i'm really sorry for what you've been through while i'm growing, i know i'd make so much trouble but now onwards i will just make both of you happy. thank you mom.. dad.. iloveyou .

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